August 13th, 2009

Girly Wink


Feeling emo for no good reason, so I'm busting out some JPOP!! I shall not wallow!!

C-ute - Massara Blue Jeans (Brand New Blue Jeans)

I'm poking around ok for more songs, but it's hard on that stupid site. *pout*
Me and Logan <3

Status of The Loog

Geez, I haven't updated about Logan in awhile. (That's usually a good thing! Haha) She is doing amazing! She has no trouble peeing outside, and has very limited leaks in the house. We have a dog bed in the bedroom that she loves, and it's on top of a washable pad so it doesn't get in the carpet. She still has a little bit of an accident on MY bed every now and then, but I'm over it. She's down to a low dose of two medications, and is her old happy self. <3

Dino Tunes

More Music - New Bands to <3

Haha I've spent all day poking around on music sites. But I found an awesome band in my JPOP search. BUMP OF CHICKEN! First of all - that name is full of greatness hahaha. They've apparently been around since the 90's, but I've never heard them before. I really like the lead singer's voice (he wails!), and I absolutely LOVE this song.

And big props to Jesse for knowing that I would love this band, Owl City. The second I heard them I was smitten! The music sounds a lot, I mean A LOT, like The Postal Service...which seems to cause a lot of people to hate this guy but I don't care. I loved The Postal Service, so whatevs.

(Can't embed the read music video, but this song is still win)