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Childish Bullshit

cypher  -  What the FUCK?? Are you serious? You're going to call ME a drama queen? THERE WAS NO DRAMA! I'm so sorry I shared a funny conversation online with my husband. Since this was the first time you've IMed me EVER, I wasn't aware of your "OMG SUPER SECRET IM PLZ" rule. It was nothing secret, nothing insulting - it was NOTHING.

Get a new fucking hobby if you need to entertain yourself by inventing bullshit to be upset about.  I don't even understand what the big fucking deal is! And instead of being a big boy and telling me you're a fucking freak about someone copy/pasting things from your idle IM conversations (OMGOMGOMG),  you decided to make an insulting post towards me. Very mature. You don't even fucking know me. You know nothing about me except what I fucking type in here and let you read. What a fucking joke!

**AND just so everyone else can know wtf I'm talking about (and since I have a SERIOUS case of cutis pastitis that I just can't seem to kick) this is the friends only post that was a present to me:

In rare cases, patients with asthma on therapy with SINGULAIR may present with cutis pastitis, sometimes presenting with clinical features of   crazy bitchitosis consistent with Drama-Queen syndrome, a condition which if left untreated, may cause systematic drinking, trifling, and general douchebaggery. A causal association between SINGULAIR and these underlying conditions has not been established (see PRECAUTIONS, Eosinophilic Conditions).

I really didn't realize you were this much of a pathetic asshole. Fuck you.

EDIT: Omg you guys are cracking me up with the comments. Hahaha


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