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Mr and Mrs Smith!

I am back from Vegas! We got back pretty late last night (this morning). There was insane traffic, and on top of that Jesse and I stopped at a ghost town for awhile haha. All 4 dogs tried to sleep on the bed - I think we were missed! ^_^

I had so much fun! I kept being a Negative Nancy (I'm blaming my lack of meds), but each time my mood was completely corrected by awesome people. I loved everything! Well, I could have handled winning tons of money but I'll let that slide. Ahem. The bachelorette party was soooo fun...Janine provided us with many famous one-liners to enjoy for all time haha. I was stupid and remembered my camera without the BATTERY in it (lolz?), so I don't have any pics of that night. I'll have to post some as soon as other people get home and upload. =D

The wedding itself was so damn beautiful. I was very nervous that I would fall down concrete steps, or mess up, or something...not to mention my dress didn't fit hahaha. My boobs were too big. What? It was a stressful time getting dressed. Just wait until I post pictures of that haha. So yeah my mind was all "OMGOMGOMG" and focused, and then Janine came down the stairs. She was holding her daddy's arm looking absolutely stunning, and I couldn't help but get the warm fuzzies. I held it together just fine...and then omg Mark's face when he saw her. GAHHHHHH WHYYYY! I got some tears, but was able to keep my cool. THEN THE VOWS STARTED. I was blubbering all over the place! T_T Mark and Janine both wrote their own vows, and it was just too much! Haha. I am thankful for waterproof mascara. After the ceremony I went to hug Mark, but ended up PUNCHING HIS FLOWER. Hahahaha. Jesus. I WAS EMOTIONAL! I can't wait to get all the pictures. It was too sweet, seriously. CONGRATS GUYS!!! <3

The reception was also amazing. Not nearly long enough for me, but what can ya do? ^_~ Everything was great. Patti and I made pathetic noises at each other and got teary again when Mark and Janine danced, and then Mark danced with his mom and wahhhhhhhh!!! Haha. It was the cutest. T_T Also, somehow Mark managed to GET JESSE TO DANCE. I really hope there is a video of Jesse and Nick grinding on the dance floor, because that was probably the best thing I've ever seen. Hahaha. All the guys did YMCA and I thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard! 

I'll upload the pics and get those posts going later. I know you're all excited!! 


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