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Terminator Shitnation

Jesse and I saw Terminator Salvation tonight. It was terrible! Wtf! Not sure if this would actually spoil anything but people get huffy.

Please note: I love Terminator movies.They're silly, full of ridiculous action, and are very entertaining and interesting. But I don't even want to classify this as one! It LOOKED fantastic, I have to say that, but I was bored pretty quick and the dialogue was painful at times. They rammed the cliche Terminator lines in there ("come with me if you want to live", "I'll be back", and so on), and they even allowed a pause afterwards so you could sit back and reflect that "oh, wow, that's from the first movie!". The computer Arnold was great, though. That amused me haha. But yeah it felt way too sappy and they have some holes in the story. Like ok, dude doesn't know he's a robot man. That's cool. Oh, and he doesn't realize something is weird when he can fix everything mechanical and has super-fast reflexes? Or when he doesn't get hurt after falling off a plane and into rocks? Ok, so he's a little slow. But how does he get in a fight with human guys and not break their heads off, then later he can pick up a terminator no problem?? Fail.

Then the ending. OH DEAR GOD THE ENDING. Wahhh John Connor's heart is shitty and broken and he is gonna diieeeee....OH WAIT ROBOT MAN IS GIVING HIS UP TO JOHN CONNOR ISN'T THAT SO HUMAN OF HIM THAT'S OK THOUGH I WILL STILL KILL HIM LOL THE END.

Terrible. *pout*


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