Iseebi (iseebi) wrote,

I wanna sew!

Patti got me these awesome sewing books ("Sew U" haha) for Christmas/my birthday last year, and I have looked them over a few times but haven't done anything. I just sat down and read them both - front to back - and am dying to make something! They both came with patterns...the first one has one for pants. I would LOVE a pair of jeans that fit my ass. When I go jeans/pants shopping I always end up taking self-esteem hits and feeling like I'm built wrong or something. So yeah, making my own sounds fantastic. It says I can sew denim on a regular machine, but I'm a little worried about it. My poor machine doesn't like thick fabrics. I can always just try, I guess. I might to get fabric to make scrubs to wear to work, so maybe I can pick up some denim remnants and test out my needle. Hm.

But then the second book is all about stuff to do with a serger. *sigh* If only. I'm far too broke to be shelling out money for that. The cheapest I can get one is probably like $200...which isn't bad, but it's not gonna happen any time soon. This one makes me drool. T_T 

Yeah so basically I really want to make something. I don't think making scrubs will be too difficult...and it's definitely going to cost less than $10 for each piece. With the rate that I seem to be spilling bleach (and tacos - don't ask) on myself, I'm going to need some more soon. =P 


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