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Ok, have to post about this awesome dog toy. I decided like posting about awesome products. It's informative and non-emo. I will keep doing it.

SO - treats in a toy is a great idea. It motivates and entertains! BUT, a lot of them are made out of plastic. Which, hi, doesn't last very long and/or stabs the dog if they gnaw a piece. =P The Kong is a good toy, but not ideal for my guys. Neither Logan or Rummel is a fan of the rubber material, so they don't chew on them ever unless they're actually trying to get a treat out. That's wouldn't be so bad, if it was more challenging for Logan. She figured the thing out, and just squeezes it and tilts her head (maybe gives a shake or two) so all the treats fall out. Takes her all of 30 seconds. While I enjoy my shit-eating dog having a clever moment, I would like a toy that could entertain her for a full minute or two. And Rummel doesn't like to bite it so he just licks it until the treats inside are sopping wet and gross and then he'll throw it around the room and break something haha. I'm not a huge fan.

Then I found this! The StarMark Everlasting Beanie Ball! First of all, it's made out of a flexible plastic-y...stuff. I'm not sure what. Whatever it is, and beacause of the shape, it's really hard for the dogs to break pieces off. Awesome! And tonight I just put a bunch of treats inside and it took both dogs quite awhile to get them all out. I can probably get some odd-shaped treats or something for more of a challenge. Rummel even chews on the thing when there aren't any treats in there! Woo! They were actually cheaper than Kongs, but the refills are pricey. Oh well, it keeps Logan from chewing on her feet/screws/nails/needles/pushpins/etc so I love it! (She's actually sleeping next to it right now haha)

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