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I kept complaining about naming them, and wasn't a fan of the names that had been thrown around in at work ("Besty", "Obama", and "Jackson" so Jesse bust out with Battlestar Gallactica names. Hahaha. I don't really know that show, but I laughed at the names so we rolled with it.

I present, Starbuck!

She is by far the sweetest, move people-loving kitten. She is very confident and outgoing, and loves to play. She is the only kitten that will completely allow you to pick her up and purrs her heart out when you hold her. <3

Apollo and Starbuck

Apollo is the biggest, and while he isn't a huge fan of pets and being held, he isn't scared. He's a big brave boy! He loves to wrestle his siblings, and is actually more gentle than they are haha. Oh, and yes, that is a spot that looks like a broken heart on his side.

Helo and Starbuck (she likes to be in pictures!)

Helo (the one on the left/top) is a complete spaz and has springs for legs. He loves to sit up and bat at everything, and seems to bounce in out of nowhere. He usually spills the food and/or water. He is ok with being held, and will also purr, but he'd rather zip around and freak out.

Starbuck and Hotdog

Not going to lie - this picture cracked me up hahaha. Hotdog is the smallest, but seems to be the quickest also. He does not like to be touched by people, but he has slowly been getting much better about tolerating us. When we first brought them home he wouldn't come out of the crate, or if he did it was only to hide behind it and look like he was about to have a stroke. Now he's been playing with us more and isn't afraid to be near us, and while still not a fan of being picked up, he'll behave himself when you do (if you can catch him!)

Helo (left), Hotdog (top), Gaius(spotty), and Starbuck (laying down haha)

Kitty-mania! Little Gaius still hides from us most of the time. He's becoming a little more brave, but will still hiss at you if you try to pick him up (he's all talk). He ventures out and will romp and play with his siblings sometimes, but for the most part he likes to sit in or on his cardboard box inside the crate. When I posted this first I actually thought that was Apollo, haha. I'm used to Gaius being inside! Oops...names have been fixed =x

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